Duelist is done!

Done-ish. Is she perfect? No. Could I add a ton more neat little things? Yes. More necklaces, more straps, pouches, scabbards for her swords. Fix the shoulder sash colors a little. Will probably come back to her at some point. For the moment, I just needed to get her mostly done and move on to the next image. I could spend a month working on her and would probably be happy. But I have 7 more classes to do, and then I have to actually get back to working on the game book. If the game is ever going to be finished, I need to just pick a point and call it good enough for now.

I should also note that these are not the images that I will be using in the book. I’ll use these characters, but will re-pose them for individual stances for their class pages.

Anyway, more about her. She’s wearing thin, loose clothing because the game is set on a tropical island. Hot and humid. She doesn’t have armor because she doesn’t need it. She’s a Duelist, the class geared toward speed and evasion. They have two Traits which can be used to avoid damage from attacks. Trait abilities usually require no dice roll and cannot be negated. They just work. Not visible under her hat, but she does have a covering around her eyes, as is custom in her state. She also has a number of earrings which are not visible. Another custom. The Loremage, who is from the same state, has similar earrings, but of course, she was turned the wrong way to see them.

On eye coverings. It’s an old tradition that descends from depictions of their particular set of religious deities. They are depicted either as humans with their eyes covered via tied fabric (bandannas) / masks of varying sizes, shapes, and coverage amounts or as animal headed gods. When people of this state wear a mask, there don’t have to be eye holes because an enchantment can be placed on them to just forward received light to the inside of the mask, essentially making it invisible to the wearer. Poorer people or people who make their own masks will have eye holes because they aren’t able to get that enchantment done. When a simple piece of fabric is used (like the Duelist here has) it’s sheer and thin enough to just see through.

Shouting my message to the void here. Does anybody care? Not yet. Maybe some day.


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