Detouring from this for a bit

Discovered a fun little event going on on DriveThruRPG, where I planned to sell this game. Pocket Quest. Make a 20 (or less) page game themed after Summer Camp. Well I whipped one out in 4 days. Think I’m going to make a couple more. Take a break from this and build an audience so […]

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Omg, no new posts!

Oh no, my non existent audience laments, he hasn’t posted in a long time! Is everything alright? Let me assure you my adoring imaginary fans, I’m still chugging along. Been alternating between finalizing pages of text and making artwork (for the finalized pages). My goal right now is to lock down my page count so

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Missed a weekend

Just formatting text. I know nobody cares or is reading these, but if at some point in the future, someone does care (lol) and looks at the dates of these posts and notices a gap, it’s because I just didn’t have anything worth posting. Still don’t. But I didn’t then too.

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I am not going to claim to be like J.R.R. Tolkien. I am not an expert linguist and all that. But it sure is fun to design new alphabets and languages. Something that irks me with fictional languages is that alphabets are sometimes designed as something looks cool, but have next to no practicality. It

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Formatting text

That’s it. Just taking blocks of text and formatting them with headers and adding nice backgrounds. Slow going. Tedious. There’s a reason I never bothered documenting anything via notes or videos until recently. Nobody wants to watch someone screw around with the fine details of arranging text on a page. But if the book is

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Working on the book!

Well I certainly didn’t just stop working on the game because I got sick of 3D modelling. Burnout usually just means that it’s time to switch gears for a bit. So we’re formatting some text. Got something like 35 pages of lore to format. Plus adding the nice colored backgrounds to the program formatted pages.

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Who’s got burnout?

To the tune of Who Wears Short Shorts. Brute is started. Got a video recorded. Haven’t sped it up for found music for it yet. Not working on it right now. And the amount of people who care in the world is…. nobody! But I feel obligated to have an update here since it’s Saturday.

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Duelist is done!

Done-ish. Is she perfect? No. Could I add a ton more neat little things? Yes. More necklaces, more straps, pouches, scabbards for her swords. Fix the shoulder sash colors a little. Will probably come back to her at some point. For the moment, I just needed to get her mostly done and move on to

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Another 3D modelling video

“So… You’re writing an RPG?”“Yes.”“So, you’re like… modelling all these characters for the game? So it’s like an MMO? Like Wow?”“No, no. A Tabletop RPG.”“So… then, like… why are you 3D modelling everything? Shouldn’t you be writing the text?”“IF I COULD DRAW I WOULD DO THAT, ALRIGHT. THIS IS THE PART I’M WORKING ON RIGHT

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