First post!

Hi! So this is my first post on the mostly completed site. Hopefully some day (soon?) someone will care enough to come here and read this. These first few posts (probably until June of 2022) will be detailing my progress on designing characters for the site / game book. If you look at the site at the time of this post, you’ll see one character. A Loremage.

Current character project is a Zealot. I estimate that each one takes me about 10 days. I have a job and a kid, so I only get so much time per day. I finished modelling the Zealot’s armor and clothing last night. Current step is armature weight mapping so I can pose her and her clothing will move with her. A step I neglected on the Loremage. Just modeled everything onto her in the pose you see above, so weight mapping her clothing to her armature later is going to be a nightmare.

Walk the Dinosaur

That’s… not her final pose. Just moving her limbs around to test the fabric’s mapping to her armature. Not done yet. Character was created with the HumanGen V3 plugin for Blender which comes with great weighting. Armature is good, but I’ve worked with more detailed ones. It has some basic IK. Would be cool if it came with a root bone and proper foot IK / joint pole targets so I could make them crouch without having to adjust their feet. But whatever. If I cared enough I could just fix the skeleton myself. I’m not trying to make a video game or movie character here. I don’t care enough to make those adjustments. At some point I’ll upload a video and you can see just how bad my topology is. Not trying to get a 3D modelling job here, so w/e.


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