Welcome to the blog area! This is where you can find updates about the game. And some documentation like character sheets.

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Omg, no new posts!

Oh no, my non existent audience laments, he hasn’t posted in a long time! Is everything alright? Let me assure you my adoring imaginary fans,

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Missed a weekend

Just formatting text. I know nobody cares or is reading these, but if at some point in the future, someone does care (lol) and looks

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I am not going to claim to be like J.R.R. Tolkien. I am not an expert linguist and all that. But it sure is fun

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Formatting text

That’s it. Just taking blocks of text and formatting them with headers and adding nice backgrounds. Slow going. Tedious. There’s a reason I never bothered

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Working on the book!

Well I certainly didn’t just stop working on the game because I got sick of 3D modelling. Burnout usually just means that it’s time to

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